3Brothers guarantees that all its luminaires are tested according to the latest standards and with the highest technology equipment. All our products are tested twice, once at our accredited labs to ensure no low quality products are on the manufacturing line, then we test at ELTM "Egyptian Lab for Technology Measurements" which is accredited by EGAC with (ISO/IES 17205:2005) which enables us to have a 3rd party testing lab to ensure our quality is always up to the latest standards.

We are enthusiastic in dealing with the best suppliers, e.g.; Cree, Vossloh Schwabe, TCI, Bartenbach, Ledil, etc. providing us with the highest quality aiming to achieve the customers’ satisfaction. Providing a distinctive product in the local and external markets is the aim of the company, for that, the company attained a lot of several certificates which guarantee the quality of both operations and products.

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