Glare and the choice of downlights have been the architects and interior designers’ problem with lighting units. Glare in itself is a discomfort that no designer can allow. The choice of a unique downlight without ruining the beauty of the ceiling has been always a challenge to any designer . With the iComfort family we are introducing a glare free unnoticeable down lighting solution for the 1 time in the MENA region With the LFO we have reached a glare free lighting solution and all above the ceiling with the following features:


- Light source shielding

- Indirect lighting

- Filling the background

- Uniformity enhancement

- Controlling Cut-off

- Blocking stray light

- Integral part of the architecture

- High quality optical materials

- High uniformity

- High efficiency

- Glare free
- Aperture 10mm-8mm


iComfort family is embedded in the ceiling with a small aperture that eliminates glare and makes your light source invisible.

iComfort family has a powerful uniform washing effect thanks to its wallwasher which provides delicate indirect lighting.

For More Information please download the iCOMFORT brochure 

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