How an Egyptian Lighting manufacturer hit the world with its highest and latest Lighting technologies all over the Mena Region and Africa.

July 11, 2019

Do you feel confused, distracted and uncertain about choosing your Lighting Products?


Here we will try to help you find and understand the different types of Lighting products and their applications.  



Indoor Lighting:






Heads Up! Do you get confused with having the accurate lighting design and choosing among variable range of indoor products from one stop shop? We got your back. With our wide elegant array of indoor lighting fixtures providing highest performance, elite colors and styles that suit whatever you’re looking for.

Indoor Families:



- Down-light                                              - Panels

- Task lighting                                           - Industrial

- Wall mounted                                         - Exit signs





Outdoor Lighting:



We handle it! Everyday uncontrollable weather conditions along with fluctuations and dirt can cause serious mess-ups. With our high durable exquisite array of outdoor lighting products available in different dimensions and styles implementing the last technologies starting from LED energy efficiency, lighting quality passing through lifespan and the highest mechanical and electromagnetic standards to electrostatic powder coating guaranteeing no corrosion.


Outdoor Families:


- Step Lights                                          - Bollards

- Ground Recessed                               - Flood Lights

- Wall Mounted                                      - Poles (Urban lights)




Road lighting:



Today, Road lights are being upgraded to energy efficient LEDs to improve their functionality.


As being a pioneer in the lighting Industry in the MENA region and Africa, 3Brothers- is dedicated to helping you get over everyday road’s hitches and misery to guarantee you the highest lighting quality through putting all in one; starting from highest driver performance passing through LED technology and lens to the thermal performance.







Glare and the choice of down lights have been the architects and interior designers’ problem with lighting units. Glare in itself is a discomfort that no designer can allow. The choice of a unique down light without ruining the beauty of the ceiling has been always a challenge to any designer. With the iComfort family we are introducing a glare free unnoticeable down lighting solution for the 1st time in the MENA region With the "LFO" we have reached a glare free lighting solution and all above the ceiling with the following features:


- Light source shielding                                    - Indirect lighting

- Filling the background                                    - Uniformity enhancement

- Controlling Cut-off                                          - Blocking stray light

- Integral part of the architecture                      - High quality optical materials

- High uniformity                                               - High efficiency

- Glare free                                                       - Aperture 10mm-8mm


Electrical panels:


Keeping sure the safe and accurate flow of electricity in its most efficient outcome is our role, from that point 3Brothers is providing the most sufficient panels in Egypt with different types of panels that vary in terms of their technologies and applications


1- Type tested electrical panels: 3Brothers has Schneider Electric license to assemble type tested products with complete technical support, also Schneider audits our manufactured products to meet the European standards.



2- Non-type tested electrical panels: Manufactured by 3Brothers with various sizes used in indoors or outdoors to protect the enclosed controls from dirt, dust and water splashing, the body is made from high-quality carbon steel formed and welded treated and painted with electrostatic polyester powder coating.


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